Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo of the Day

Snow Flurries

This is what I saw this morning when I peeked through the window blinds. The weather man called for a 20% chance of snow today--I guess that's just about what we got, 20% of our yard was dusted with fluffy white stuff. It's strange how relaxing this scene can be if it happens on the weekend when I don't have to get out and about. But, on a school/work day--my emotions are completely different. I immediately wonder if it is safe enough for Kelsey to drive to school, or should I take her? It might be fine now, but what if it snows all day? Is there ice on the vehicles? How long will it take to get the car cleared off and warmed up? Oh no! Should I have gotten up earlier? Thankfully, dear hubby called me on his way out to let me know the roads were safe for travel. Great news! And just for the record, it only snowed for a few hours.

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