Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

...there's a new boss in town

Here's Roger with our new puppy Marley, she's a West
Highland Terrier, more commonly known as a Westie.
We've had her for a couple of weeks now and are slowing getting into a bit of a routine. We are crate training her and she is doing great! She has been sleeping through the night until she hears us get up in the morning, then she's ready for the day! We finally got the fence put up in the back yard and that really helps. It looks like we have a new baby in the house with all of the toys and extra "stuff".
She's getting used to staying out in the yard or sleeping on the porch by herself for a little bit at a time. In the beginning she wouldn't stay out unless Roger or I went with her or sat on the screened in porch where she could see us.

She loves running circles around anything and still runs into things because she gets going so fast. We've really been entertained by watching her play. She already has quite the personality.
She's been very interested in Melody, she watches her all the time. They are finally getting used to each other and attempting to play. Melody does a lot of paw swatting, but so far the claws haven't come out! Here they are in a stare down....

It was so cute, Marley would inch up closer and closer to Melody-almost nose to nose-but I started laughing so hard the camera was shaking to much to get a good picture!

She really likes Roger to play in the yard with her, here she is chasing and playing with the basketball. We're definitely getting a lot more exercise with her around.

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