Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...some sure signs

Here's proof that summer must be on its way. I'm ready.

I finally got to work in my yard again yesterday, cleaning out more flower beds.
I still have a ways to go.
Thought I might do some more today after work.
Nope, not gonna happen.

It came a sudden downpour and there is standing water everywhere.
Oh well, maybe I can scrapbook.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Because of them, I've had a wonderful Mother's Day.
They make me strive to be a better person.
I love each of you very much!!!
Love, Mom

.....more on our Eureka Trip

Doesn't Deda look cute posing with her birthday cake? The innkeeper had it waiting for her when we checked into the cottage. What a sweet surprise!!!
In the previous post I mentioned the light rainfall over the weekend. It wasn't heavy enough to stop us from shopping!!! However, Saturday night brought a downpour!! Thank goodness we were safe and dry inside. The cottage sets right up against the roadway and is on a curve. It sounded like we were sleeping out in the middle of the street. It washed a bunch of rock, limbs and trash down the middle of the road. Here's what we woke up to:

These pictures were taken from inside the cottage, from the living room window. You can see how close the house is to the road.

Here's a picture taken from across the road. See how close we are? The little white shop behind the cottage is the yarn shop. Our parking space is tucked in between the two buildings.

Another view of the roadway. See the curve? The sign is attached to the side of the porch.

More mess.......

See the tiny parking space? It's a tight fit, but I'm not complaining---we could walk downtown from here! Robin stood up on a rock wall to get this view.

All three of us, posing for the auto-shoot camera Robin positioned on a rock out in the yard. We couldn't go home without a group shot. It was such a fun time!!!

They repainted the famous mural downtown. It has been there since I started visiting Eureka Spring, over 18 years ago. Some years it looks bright and new, being freshly painted. Other years you can see it is beginning to fade away in color. This is a view from our favorite cinnamon roll shop, and the parking lot we usally park in. It was raining on Saturday so we waited until Sunday on our way out of town to get this shot. Bye, Eureka Springs---we'll be back!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

and here's the Living Room.....

Kelly is hosting a "Show Us Where You Live" over on her blog today.
Today she's highlighting Living Rooms. If you've ever wanted more ideas for decorating, or just want to look at different styles, head on over and take a peek.
Here's a quick look around my living room.

This is taken from the middle of the room, looking towards the front door. I've had my front door painted red (my favorite color) since I first had our house built. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. The rocking chair is a very sentimental piece, it belonged to my MIL. She used to rock my husband (now deceased) in it when he was a baby. I recovered it in a denim fabric--it had a lot of wear and tear, as it is over 55 years old. Two of the pillows in the chair also belonged to her, and the other one is a yo-yo pillow I put together.

To the right of the front door is our TV and book shelves that line the walls on the sides of the fireplace. I love having lots of shelves!

Over the fireplace hangs an old window frame my sister made for me. She put a mirror behind the frame and distressed the wood. You can see I still have my Valentine garland hanging up---I decided I needed to photograph my house more often, I tend to see more details I would like (or need) to change!

My recliner in the corner--I spend a lot of time here, knitting, crocheting, reading, looking at magazines, etc.

The back of the living room, looking out to the screened in porch. To the right is the dining room and kitchen. I really like all of the natural light, I'm so glad I put in a lot of windows when we built. Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Lucky Day....

Have you ever received such beautiful flowers immediately after your garage door opener broke? Well, that's what happened today. Remember in January when we had to have a spring replaced in our garage door opener? That was spring #1. Today, after I pulled into the garage and got out of the car--I heard a loud "snap". That was spring # 2. I wasn't very happy. Luckily, we called the repair man and he could fix it right away. As I went to the door to talk to him, the UPS man had just left a box on the porch. Beautiful flowers!!! A bright, pink azalea plant.
The azalea plant came with a colorful, handy bag. The pot fit right inside. Isn't it cute!!! And what is the reason for the flowers, you may ask. Mother's Day--the kids always send me flowers for Mother's Day, and I must say-----I love it!

Flowers delivered to my front door, two days in a row! I'm lovin' it! Thanks, kids--love you all. And my Mother's Day present from Roger will be-----a new spring for the garage door opener!!! Thanks, hon.

I don't deserve this, do I?

Look at these gorgeous roses my dear mom sent me. A "thank you", she said, for treating her to a birthday weekend in Eureka Springs.
I was totally surprised, but happy---the colors brought a big smile to my face. After cloudy, gloomy, rainy weather for days and days, these flowers were a great pick-me-up!
Aren't they stunning!

Thanks, mom. I love you!

Poinsettia, anyone?

Is there anyone out there still taking care of their Christmas poinsettia? I bought this one from WalMart during the holiday season. It was huge---I took it to work to brighten up the office. It's still alive, and I'm still taking care of it!! I can't believe it. Normally, I struggle to keep one blooming UNTIL Christmas Day. I guess it likes the temperature and the lighting at the office---I sure didn't do anything different than I normally do.
I decided to bring it home today. It just started looking weird, sitting in the waiting room, in the middle of May!!! I've never seen a poinsettia bloom in January, much less May. One of our Clients thought it was fake, and we just hadn't taken down all of our Christmas decorations!!! I'm sure with the warmer weather, it won't last long. I'll keep you posted....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We had so much fun.....

We had a great time in Eureka Springs celebrating mom's birthday. The inn keeper even left a birthday card and a cake on the table for mom. Wasn't that sweet? Did it rain? Yes, off and on, all weekend. But that didn't deter us, we had umbrellas!!!! This cute little cottage was so cozy and fun, and right at the end of Main Street. It was just a short walk down the road to all of our favorite shops.
See, we didn't let the rainy weather stop us!!!! We're on a mission. First stop---eating cinnamon rolls to energize us for our shopping---our favorite way to start the morning---it's a tradition.

Next stop, our favorite artist, Wilson & Wilson. Below is a picture of Blakeley and her mom. The shop was awesome. You can just stand in the middle of it and look and look, there is so much detail in her paintings and so much inspiration in everything she has displayed!!!! And she has the best scented candles.

Here's Robin with her proud purchase, a painted cabinet. It's adorable.

We shopped and shopped, ate, talked, laughed, lounged, snacked, took pictures, giggled, walked and walked. But most of all, we enjoyed being together, just the three of us.......More about our weekend coming tomorrow.

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