Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

...still celebrating

Here are a few more pics of the birthday "weekend" for sweet little M....he adores Spider-Man, so of course we didn't want to disappoint this cute little fellow...This next picture really cracks me up, it shows his reaction to mommy and daddy's big present for him as they came around the corner with it...he was beyond excitement!
...Happy Boy! He couldn't wait to get his hands on it. It's the cutest Fire House Station you've ever seen, complete with a workout room and potty:)
It's as close to a doll house as Jamie is going to get...but, seriously it was the coolest thing, full of furniture, exercise equipment, emergency vehicles, ect. They will play with it for hours.
I think the entire family will have fun...
Daddy even helped arrange some of the furniture:)
His favorite piece out of the entire set up was this cute little dalmation puppy! He started carrying it everywhere with him. He opened so many gifts I'm not sure where we're going to put all of the Christmas presents! I'll finish up in a couple of days with more pics from the gymnatics party!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Isn't this the cutest birthday boy ever? We had so much fun helping him celebrate this weekend! I won't take you through all 142 pics that I took, but trust me, they're all good ones.
He's "showing" me his 3...
Now, he's counting for me. He is growing up so quickly, and he is so sweet and polite.
Just look at those hams....
We played and played and played...why do they have endless energy and Nienie always has to stop and have a "rest" time? The birthday party was where he takes his gymnastic lessons. It was wonderful, the gym coaches did all the work and kept the kids busy the entire time. Everyone had fun, and there was no mess to clean up afterwards!
Happy Birthday, little man!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

...a scarf and a birthday

Another fun Pinterest project...A scarf made out of an old t-shirt...I may have to quit my day job to find more hours to play.... of my favorite little guys is getting ready to turn 3 years old. We had to make birthday hats while they were here for Thanksgiving, I guess we were practicing for the big day.
Happy Birthday to sweet Morgan!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

...a sugary post

Pinterest is dangerous....
Here is the proof....
Finding a recipe for THESE cookies.... (aka, Wal Mart cookies:)
I really wanted to try out the recipe because I just couldn't believe there would be instructions on how to make the "real deal" at home. I can honestly say, they are certainly not exactly like Wal Mart's bakery cookies---but, they are good enough for me to keep eating just "one" more!!! The thing that will save me from baking them too often is the time involved. I mixed them up on day one, they had to be in the fridge overnight, they were baked on day two, and iced on day three. I'm going to try freezing some to see if they are still tasty since the recipe made over 6 dozen! If you are interested in trying them out, here is the link

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