Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

OSO, Train Tracks...and a Book!

These are the last bit of pics from my visit with the grand kids last week. I already miss them so much! Grayson is playing games on the computer and doesn't want Morgan to "touch". Makes M. look kind of like a back seat driver, huh? How fun could that be? Actually, he was very content to have his own chair and watch, as long as he could be in the same room as G.
Here they are constructing a train track. Grayson wanted to take the old one apart and build a brand new one. Correction, he wanted Nienie to build a new one, "a really big one", he said. Morgan is busy picking out just the right train.

You can see the beginning of the track in the photo above, then we (I) continued a long stretch in front of the fire place. They had so much fun watching the trains go around and around.

These 2 boys love books, and of course that suits me just fine! Here Morgan is pointing to objects and telling me what they are. He will repeat anything you want him to say, at least he gives it a try. I love to listen to him learn new words and put them together in sentences. They are both so much fun!

Such a cute face!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breakfast & Bouncing

their 1st morning treat, having breakfast in front of the TV
(they're hoping to watch one of their favorite shows, but if you
know me, you know I'm not much of a friend to remote controls)
actually, that was one of my most important request before the
parents left town, "be sure to leave me instructions on how to
get to the kids' TV shows." well, they did leave written instructions, but
it still took awhile for me to figure everything out! grayson kept saying,
"nienie, just push the button, just push the button!" UGH! electronics & me--
we're not such a good fit...
morgan looks like he wants to help me, don't you think?

OK, finally--they got to enjoy their doughnuts and grapes with a little bit of OSO.
they were happy!

another treat for grayson was getting nienie to sleep in the same room with him. i have to say every nap and every evening i intended to get up after he fell asleep and get some things done. not once did i do that. i ended up falling asleep every time!!! it takes a lot of energy to keep up with two little ones all day long....another treat was getting to "bounce" on the lower bed and play with uncle caleb. it was so much fun watching the boys interact so much with kk and kelsey, we all stayed very busy!

morgan "getting" kk

i think the only time they were still was when I asked them to smile for the camera!!!
notice grayson's "glasses" we created:) fun times!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Swings & Sandboxes

big smiles
bright sunny days
swinging in the breeze
shoveling sand around
the perfect spot to play
getting the sand "just right"
helping big brother
perfecting the shovel technique
and still digging!
I just love hanging out with my 2 precious grandsons.
We had so much fun last week while mommy and daddy
were on a mini-vacation. We stayed really busy, as you can see.
More pics coming soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun in the Sun....

The kids had a lot of fun in the pool over the holiday. We were lucky we had sunny weather while they were here, because as they loaded up the car to go home--it started raining and rained for days! Morgan isn't quite as fond of the water as Grayson is, but he still got in to play a couple of times.
They both have been taking swim classes so I was anxious to see them in action. We tried to keep hats on them so they wouldn't get too much sun, but wearing hats in the pool is just a nuisance! Morgan kept his on, but Grayson's kept getting in his way and he wanted it off.
It didn't take G very long to get warmed up to the idea of jumping off of the top of the ladder. He would toss a ball as far as he could and then jump into the water to go after it. Sometimes he wanted my help, sometimes not.
G and I stayed in a little too long the first day. We were having so much fun we weren't watching the clock. Luckily G had on enough sunscreen, but Nienie didn't! Grayson absolutely loved the water and was not happy when we had to get out.
Here he goes!
He's being so brave!
And now, someone else wants to join him!
But no, she didn't get to swim--she had to stay on the sidelines and watch!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Park Play

We took the boys to the park while they were here last week. We needed a different activity to entertain them for a bit--we were getting water logged from being in the pool so much! Grayson was so excited to see that he had the merry-go-round all to himself.
He was loving it! He looks pretty proud of himself, doesn't he? And yes, he had to bring along a buddy with him. He found a Dalmatian puppy in the toy box at my house, and quickly added him to his collection.
He found mommy up at the top--he's so excited he doesn't know where to go next!
"How about down these steps?" "No, I think they are too high up. (insert sigh of relief from Nienie!) I better go find Sissy."
"Oh, she's way over there!"
Morgan had a great time, too. He practiced his driving skills.
I kept trying to get pictures, but G. wouldn't be still for very long. As soon as I got ready to take a picture he would turn around looking for the next toy to play on. Guess I need to get a little quicker with the camera.
Brothers meeting on the bridge.
"Where should I go now?"
"Hey, Sissy, you get on and I'll push you."
What a trick, by the time we left he was pushing the merry-go-round and
then hopping on for a ride! We had fun, but it got very, very hot! Off to the
Sonic for some cool drinks!

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