Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

...a December Birthday

We celebrated Morgan's 2nd birthday last weekend in Carrollton. Grayson helped decorate with some of the "40" balloons Jamie ordered. I have to admit, they were very festive!
The party theme was centered around the children's movie "UP". In the movie the character's house is lifted up and carried away by hundreds of balloons. Since Morgan already had a huge cardboard house (an earlier birthday present), the only thing needed were lots of balloons!!!
Doesn't Grayson make a cute balloon man?
There were balloons everywhere!
When Morgan woke up from his nap he was surprised to see all of the balloons in the house. He couldn't wait for the party to begin, balloons are just so much fun!
We tied party treats to the balloons so they wouldn't float up and away!
The kids made cute door signs to take home and hang on their bedroom doors.
The cake was so fun. Daddy Joel put the foam house together for the top of the cake (isn't he talented!) and we tied balloons to the chimney. It fit the party theme perfectly.

When we sang "Happy Birthday" to Morgan he looked so cute looking around the room at everyone. He wasn't quite sure what was going on, I don't think.
He sure is eyeing that cake, though! He's been to enough birthday parties to know that he does like icing!
He's getting pretty excited now, I think he knows what is coming next.
A big grin, two candles, and one big wish...
...waiting for mommy to cut the cake.
Finally, a piece of birthday cake, or rather, a big glob of icing!
Happy Birthday, Morgan. We love you!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at Nienie's

wrestling with uncle kk
being held in a head lock by uncle kk
trying to escape from uncle kk
chillin' with aunt kelsey and playing on her phone
watching cartoons from the bed
notice the tiny christmas tree in the background,
beautifully decorated by g and m
painting a cool picture
playing a game on Nienie's iphone
trying to "climb" up the inflated mattress daddy
propped up against the wall
sliding down
trying to get all of the buddies to "climb" up the mattress
(after nienie said, "let's don't jump and slide down the mattress,
someone might get hurt")
buddies are no longer "climbing"
now they're being "tossed" up the mattress:)
and yes, the zebra tent is up again! these boys really know how to entertain their nienie.
and....look who doesn't look so much like a puppy

she's getting so big and has such a sweet personality!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outside Fun...

I always enjoy the kids visits over the holidays since it gives us several extended days to be together. This year was extra enjoyable for me since the hubby and I have been "kid- less" in the house since August. G and M had fun in the back yard while enjoying some fresh air. They are absolutely the sweetest little boys!!!
And now, M can join big brother on the swings!
He's holding on tight so Nienie can let go of him long enough to take pics.
G is "King of the Swing Set" thanks to the cool stick he found nearby.
I just love these boys to pieces!!!
Aren't those the sweetest faces? I think so!!!

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