Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Photo of the Day

Our "Not So Smooth" Morning
Most mornings run fairly smoothly around our house. Not so this morning. Kelsey's car wouldn't start when she got ready to leave for school. Thankfully, I was still home, I don't leave the house until about 30 minutes after she does. And truthfully, I like it that way. I like to make sure she gets to school safely before I'm out and about. It also works out well when she needs a ride to school--because I'm still at home to help. The bad thing about it is I'm usually in the middle of drying my hair--and not ready to be seen in public! But if I don't stop and give the girl a ride, she'll be late. And if I take the time to finish my hair, she'll be late. So off we go in a mad rush! I have just enough time to drive her into town, drop her off at school, turn around to return home, 10 minutes to finish my hair, then back into town to work. It's days like these that remind me to be thankful for all of the days that our 4 cars DO get us where we need to go, and thankful that I have a handy hubby!!!

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