Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm a little behind....

I'm sorry to be so late updating hubby's ordeal. He's home and he's safe! It's been crazy busy since he got home.I'll try my best to review.

  • After being taken safely back to their hotel, they were there to stay until they could get a flight to return home. As I mentioned earlier, his hotel was under tight security, with extra guards in place, so he felt fairly safe. With no where else to go, he spent most of the evening on Wednesday and all day Thursday in his room, only venturing out twice to eat at one of the restaurants on the premises. He didn't even order his "Thanksgiving" dinner on Thursday, he had salmon!
  • He had access to some of the news stations and India newspapers, but as we compared notes, there were several "reports" that differed. So, we really weren't sure how accurate any of the news accounts were.
  • After meeting with security officials they made the decision to get flights as soon as possible to return home. They would be starting home Saturday morning, India time. He would arrive in Tulsa Saturday evening, our time. (When he realized he would be home in time to watch the OU game on TV he was so excited, what a bonus!) The airport was 20 miles from where they were staying, about half-way between the hotel and the city. Thankfully, they sent security with them again on their drive to the airport. The airport was packed with people trying to leave the area. Reporters even tried to interview hubby, but he gracefully declined! His original tickets were booked for first class, but having to change to an earlier flight home, all they could get was coach--but, what are ya gonna do?
  • Flying 24 hours "coach" made for a loooooong flight home, but he was so glad to touch down in Tulsa. He has taken a whole week to recover. I think the ordeal took a lot more of him than he realized at the time. Hopefully, he'll be back to himself by Monday!
  • Because he arrived and left his office in the dark--very few photos! Cameras weren't allowed in the workplace, so he left it in the safe in his hotel room. Because of his cancelled "excursion" into the city--no photo opportunities there. He was in Mumbai for 2 weeks and only got 30 pictures! Can you imagine my response? An avid scrapbooker sends the camera with hubby all the way to India and he comes home with only 30 pics! After giving him a really hard time, I have to say I totally understood why he didn't get more. He did get pictures around the hotel, one of the motorized rickshaw, and 2 of the Mumbai airport! I guess the good thing about it is, it won't take me very long to document his trip!!

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