Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Days Ending...

 I love snow days...
This photo was actually snapped a couple of days ago, but my yard still looks like this--and it is still COLD...I'm definitely not a winter type of gal! When the weather looks like this outside, I can think of every excuse in the book to stay inside where it is warm and cozy.

Of course, I can't sit still, so-------what's a girl to do? I found plenty of projects to work on while I was home...I'm always dangerous with an available can of paint (because remember, I'm not going out in the cold weather to purchase any!) I've been gradually adding more turquoise colors in my house over the past year, and I decided to use up some of that left over paint.

My sis made this for me quite a few years back out of an old window, and I just love it. I have it hanging above my fireplace...I decided to spruce it up a bit with the new paint color. You can see the navy blue color that was originally on it.

I love the way it looks-it really helps lighten and brighten the mood in the living room.

I've had extra time in the kitchen too, and that makes me happy.
I had a lot of fun making this Indian Flatbread, and it was really 
yummy. It's very versatile. You could use it as bread for your sandwich, use it for Indian Tacos, warm it up to go with your dinner, or if you've already had a full meal and just need a late night snack...

 You could warm it up and add some yummy honey to go with it...
Oh my gosh! It was so delish! I'm sure I'll be baking this 
recipe again in the near future.

Another consumer of my time is scrapping. 
Here's my 2nd page of the new year.
It's an older pic of G and M, but I don't necessarily always scrap in chronological order...and I certainly enjoy having 2 cute photogenic grandsons as my layout subjects.

Tomorrow will be "back to business" as I head back to school. A three day week will make it go by very quickly. We still have so much to accomplish this year before April---I hope my students are ready to buckle down and hit the books! 

...Create Your Dreams Everyday...I Do!

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