Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

things I want to remember.....(part 1)

christmas eve at deda's

getting to see my great-nephew huston and niece, lisa

watching the little ones open gifts

watching the "big" ones clean up

watching the little ones play with new toys

watching grayson open up his mom's "old" mickey

(deda made it for her when she was g's age, 3 years old)

watching the snow cover the ground

(and getting nervous about driving home in it)

thinking how pretty the snow looked, and thinking it would

be even more spectacular if we didn't have to get out in it!

we actually did TRY to get out in it, had our car and jamie's car all packed up ready to travel back to tulsa-getting ready to pull out of the drive, we got word that the turnpike had been closed--we unpacked BOTH cars and went back inside (do you know how much stuff 2 families with 2 kids haul around at christmas time? well, think triple that!!!) we would now be sleeping over at deda's, yeah!!!

playing whiz-bang to pass the time
(by the way, I think it was more fun to be the spectator:)

playing with our new christmas toys!

how about a game of twister?

these 2 are game for anything that will keep everyone entertained tonight!!

playing scramble on sissy's phone, thank goodness for internet!!!

playing in our new christmas jammies

smiling for neenie:)

he doesn't have a care in the world about the

blizzard swirling around outdoors

having fun with his new puppy

(thank goodness we don't have to take him outdoors to potty)

enjoying extra time with the little ones

going a little stir-crazy!!!

this girl does not like to sit still, she was a little anxious:)
but so entertaining!

evidence of the slumber party, we just lined 'em up!

we were wall to wall beds!

just a small sample of our "stuff"

"wake up, caleb, we need to go home to see if santa
stopped at neenie's house"

cuddling for a few more minutes as the cars were
packed for the 2nd time in 24 hours
oh, christmas is a lot of hard work, I need to rest...

preparing for the snow drifts

jamie and joel were in front of us on the road, she sent this picture

to me, titled "UGH"---it took us 3 hours to get home (twice the time it usually takes)

traveling up our drive, couldn't get up the driveway

we were all so very tired, but grayson couldn't wait to see what santa brought

in reality it was now christmas afternoon, but we "pretended" it was christmas morning and continued with the festivities!!! i wanted a picture of the boys in their matching p.j.s so jamie is trying to pacify them for a few seconds

look this way, please
(one out of two isn't bad, is it?)
merry christmas!!!

stay tuned for part 2.......

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