Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Monday, December 14, 2009

...he's one!!!

Little Morgan is one! Well, he will be officially on the 17th. We celebrated with a party on Saturday and the kids (and adults) had so much fun. We weren't sure what he would do with his "smasher" cake---Grayson didn't want anything to do with his on his first birthday. But, Morgan approached his cautiously, taking tiny bits of the icing and licking it off his finger. Below is his cute reindeer cake, fashioned after the party invitations Jamie made for the big day.
Isn't that a cute cake? It was yummy, too!!!

Here are the boys watching in anticipation. Look at that grin. And,
I LOVE the way Grayson has his hand on his chin...

Here's Morgie listening to us sing "Happy Birthday" to him. He just sat very still
and grinned while we sang, enjoying all of the attention.
Yummy cake!!!

Grayson was quite the little helper. Of course, he's had a lot of practice opening presents by now. He loved seeing everything Morgan opened. And, he had to try out all of the new toys, too. I'm sure he wanted to make sure they were all in working order for little M.

Oh, birthdays are so much fun!!!

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