Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kitty, Kitty, where are you?

Here I Am!!!
Not that anyone is wondering where she is, but just in case you were---she's still hanging out at our house. She's really a sweet kitty and she reminds us so much of Callie. In fact, we have all had a slip of the tongue and called out Callie's name in error, more than once. She sleeps a lot, likes to play, snuggles up to Roger on the couch while he watches T.V. and tries to dart out any open door. Yes, I said, "DART out"! She has done it twice now. The first time I was coming in from getting the mail, and the second time was when Kelsey came in from school. But, she didn't just "DART out", she proceeded to run to the nearest tree and climb up just as fast as she could. We nervously stood by the tree until she decided to climb back down (backwards) to safety. It really shouldn't be such a big deal. I'm sure she would come back to the door when she got hungry. But, we have several dogs in our neighborhood that run wild. And I would hate to see what the result would be if Melody met up with one. If there happened to be a confrontation, I think she would win!

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