Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Monday, January 4, 2010 closing and new layouts

After selling our scrapbook business in Stillwater 3 years ago, my sister and I have been fortunate enough to still be able to spend some serious scrappin' time with a few of our wonderful girlfriends we met along the way. We've tried to meet up at least once a month for the entire day to scrap, catch up on each other's families, snack (chocolate, of course!) and laugh---a lot! Our day always includes a "delightful lunch hour (or two)", which is accompanied by yummy margaritas. Some days were an extra special treat because my mom would join us, too. Most days we would meet at Scrap Happy's in Tulsa. We had met the sweet owner, Melissa, during our business journey in Stillwater and she was always happy to accommodate us. When we arrived at her store Saturday for our monthly get-together, we were greeted by the window signs above. We were devastated, to say the least! To a serious scrapbooker, story teller, life book maker---this is serious. If you scrapbook, you know what I mean.... They were closed, getting ready for their "Quitting Business Sale", we couldn't even go in!!!! So, we did what any normal woman would do---we went to the mall to shop! Our lunch turned into a much longer "lunch hour" than usual, too. We had to console each other, of course! We'll be figuring out "Plan B" for our monthly meeting, but in the meantime, I sincerely wish Melissa all the best with a smooth closing of her store and her transition into whatever lies ahead of her.
And, since there isn't anything I can think of that would actually interfere or stop me from scrapbooking, here are a few recent layouts....
Morgan's first visit on Santa's lap didn't go so well, but I'm still happy with my layout.

Close up of ribbon tree, one of our "girl's group" challenges to each other.

Morgan's tiny baby feet---much larger than this now, of course!

Grayson "hanging and swinging" from his tree. He was so excited when he was able to grab hold of that branch and actually lift his feet off the ground!

Close up of embellishment...

I had a picture I took in Grayson's nursery when he was born. I thought it would be fun to document the "baby" items that were now found around the house.

This picture is from last Christmas, he really isn't trouble at all, but the
expression on his face matched the frame I had.
Have a happy day, the sun is shining!!!

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