Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Park Play

We took the boys to the park while they were here last week. We needed a different activity to entertain them for a bit--we were getting water logged from being in the pool so much! Grayson was so excited to see that he had the merry-go-round all to himself.
He was loving it! He looks pretty proud of himself, doesn't he? And yes, he had to bring along a buddy with him. He found a Dalmatian puppy in the toy box at my house, and quickly added him to his collection.
He found mommy up at the top--he's so excited he doesn't know where to go next!
"How about down these steps?" "No, I think they are too high up. (insert sigh of relief from Nienie!) I better go find Sissy."
"Oh, she's way over there!"
Morgan had a great time, too. He practiced his driving skills.
I kept trying to get pictures, but G. wouldn't be still for very long. As soon as I got ready to take a picture he would turn around looking for the next toy to play on. Guess I need to get a little quicker with the camera.
Brothers meeting on the bridge.
"Where should I go now?"
"Hey, Sissy, you get on and I'll push you."
What a trick, by the time we left he was pushing the merry-go-round and
then hopping on for a ride! We had fun, but it got very, very hot! Off to the
Sonic for some cool drinks!

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