Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

OSO, Train Tracks...and a Book!

These are the last bit of pics from my visit with the grand kids last week. I already miss them so much! Grayson is playing games on the computer and doesn't want Morgan to "touch". Makes M. look kind of like a back seat driver, huh? How fun could that be? Actually, he was very content to have his own chair and watch, as long as he could be in the same room as G.
Here they are constructing a train track. Grayson wanted to take the old one apart and build a brand new one. Correction, he wanted Nienie to build a new one, "a really big one", he said. Morgan is busy picking out just the right train.

You can see the beginning of the track in the photo above, then we (I) continued a long stretch in front of the fire place. They had so much fun watching the trains go around and around.

These 2 boys love books, and of course that suits me just fine! Here Morgan is pointing to objects and telling me what they are. He will repeat anything you want him to say, at least he gives it a try. I love to listen to him learn new words and put them together in sentences. They are both so much fun!

Such a cute face!

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