Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

.....more on our Eureka Trip

Doesn't Deda look cute posing with her birthday cake? The innkeeper had it waiting for her when we checked into the cottage. What a sweet surprise!!!
In the previous post I mentioned the light rainfall over the weekend. It wasn't heavy enough to stop us from shopping!!! However, Saturday night brought a downpour!! Thank goodness we were safe and dry inside. The cottage sets right up against the roadway and is on a curve. It sounded like we were sleeping out in the middle of the street. It washed a bunch of rock, limbs and trash down the middle of the road. Here's what we woke up to:

These pictures were taken from inside the cottage, from the living room window. You can see how close the house is to the road.

Here's a picture taken from across the road. See how close we are? The little white shop behind the cottage is the yarn shop. Our parking space is tucked in between the two buildings.

Another view of the roadway. See the curve? The sign is attached to the side of the porch.

More mess.......

See the tiny parking space? It's a tight fit, but I'm not complaining---we could walk downtown from here! Robin stood up on a rock wall to get this view.

All three of us, posing for the auto-shoot camera Robin positioned on a rock out in the yard. We couldn't go home without a group shot. It was such a fun time!!!

They repainted the famous mural downtown. It has been there since I started visiting Eureka Spring, over 18 years ago. Some years it looks bright and new, being freshly painted. Other years you can see it is beginning to fade away in color. This is a view from our favorite cinnamon roll shop, and the parking lot we usally park in. It was raining on Saturday so we waited until Sunday on our way out of town to get this shot. Bye, Eureka Springs---we'll be back!!!

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