Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photos of the Day...Catching up!!!

Grayson plays T-Ball
G got an early Valentine's Day surprise from mommy and daddy while I was there for the weekend. So, guess what we did? We played and played and played!!!
Grayson Noel
Isn't this the funniest?! Well, maybe you had to be there. I was taking pictures of Morgan and Grayson together in the bed. G decided he wanted one of only himself so he got up really close to the camera and just stared at me. When he saw it on the viewfinder, he said, "that's reDONKulous"! He laughed and laughed and made such a big deal out of it. Still not too sure if he is the one making up the funny word, or if he is getting some creative help from his Aunt Sissy.

Lil' Morgan

Hadn't seen my little fellow in several weeks, way too long!
how much he has grown.
He is such a happy little guy, I love him to pieces!!

Kelsey Takes the ACT Test

Since I was going to be gone for the weekend, I wanted to prepare Kelsey for Saturday morning. On a day when she usually gets to sleep in, she had to get up by herself and be at school by 8:00 a.m. to take the ACT test for the first time. I was going to Dallas so i wouldn't be there to make sure she got up and out the door on time. I left everything on the bar with a check list for her to double-check before she left the house. She made it to school on time with everything she needed and took the test-but that doesn't mean that she was happy about it!!!

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