Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

...a movie & marley

The boys love to have their breakfast in the mornings while watching a movie in the living room. We've finally been able to add a few new titles to the viewing mix--notice "Aristocats" on the big screen, via Old School VCR! We have such a collection of Disney movies on VCR, I'm happy to get a bit more enjoyment out of them, even if the quality isn't great. They both look so focused on the TV, but actually they are splitting their time 50/50 between the movie and keeping an eye on Marley. Like I mentioned a few days ago, they both finally warmed up enough to Marley that they were comfortable with her roaming around the house and not being in her crate during the boy's playtime, which is spent mostly on the floor.
Marley was so good, she wanted to be as close as possible to the boys, I think she just wanted to be noticed. But, I also think she knew there was a GOOD chance of being put in her crate if she became annoying or interfered with their playtime.

This picture cracks me up! Marley looks so dejected, but honestly I think she is hoping Morgan will accidentally drop a bit of breakfast on the floor for her.

Here's Morgan trying out his new dog training commands, telling Marley "down".

Oh wow! I think Marley really thought she might get a bite of cereal.

Oh boy! Licking the hand is a good treat, too! Maybe that's just as good as getting a bite of cereal.

And, this next picture is one of my faves. I'm glad we were so patient with waiting for the boys to be comfortable around, I think they'll have a very long friendship. Grayson even told me to make sure I brought Marley with me on my next visit to his house!

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