Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Break Fun....

Kelsey and I made a much needed trip to see the grand kids over fall break. We had to leave Caleb behind in Norman to begin his new job, yeah for Caleb! But, we sure missed him tagging along with us. The boys looked liked they had grown soooo much since we had last seen them!
Just look at those sweet faces!!! Jamie had been saving gallon milk cartons for a Halloween decoration, so soon after we got there--out came the markers. Jamie, Kelsey, and Grayson showed off their drawing talents!
We laughed so hard watching Grayson draw a face on the carton, he was having a blast!
The idea is to draw Halloween faces, cut a small opening in the back to insert tiny stringed lights inside and then put them outside in the yard or on the porch.
Grayson is really concentrating, trying not to giggle.
I was very impressed with Kelsey's faces, she really got creative.
And, she did a GREAT job!
I forgot to get a picture of them on the front porch all lit up! I'll have to beg one from Jamie. I'll post pics of our cookie house soon. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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