Create your dreams every day...

Create your dreams every day...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

...the games we play

High on G's list of things to do when Nienie came for Spring Break was playing games. He is becoming interested in learning the rules for all kinds-board games, cards, dominoes, etc. We played "Hungry Caterpillar"-a matching game-and he beat me every time! He kept telling me, "Nienie, I'm just too smart, aren't I?" When playing dominoes it amazed me that he was really taking his time to think his moves through, using real strategy. (momma says that's because of daddy-the mathematician)

"Don't Break the Ice" was something we could play and include Morgan. And, boy did he like to hammer! He is so proud of himself. Let it be known that I didn't win any of those games, either! It was so much fun watching both of the boys learn how to wait their turn and follow the rules of the game (most of the time, anyways...).
G, always with a watchful eye! He made sure Morgan and I followed the rules!!! No getting anything past that lil' fellow:)

Then G wanted my camera to take pictures. The last few times we have been together he has wanted to try. At first he just started "clicking" randomly and got crazy, blurry, cut off pics. But lately, I've been having him slow down and wait to snap the pic until it is in focus. He's doing a pretty good job....
Soooo, he took the pics of my hands getting the game ready. Pretty good, huh? Then, he said, "Smile, Nienie." Never mind that I let my hair dry curly (making getting ready in the morning take less time and making more time for playing!) and have no makeup on---he doesn't care!
Then, M wanted in the picture.
Oh my, just look at those blue eyes! I love thesse boys like crazy!

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